Jake Harper + Amada Miller Present at Pecha Kucha

Falling on the Tuesday after Valentine’s Day, this special edition of Pecha Kucha features local couples who work together in their craft. As typical of the Pecha Kucha tradition, Amada and Jake will present twenty slides and have twenty seconds to elaborate on each one.  This popular local event will be held at the Center for Architecture in the Full Goods building at the Pearl.  Reserving a seat online beforehand is recommended as the space often fills to capacity early for Pecha Kucha

Other presenters at this Pecha Kucha include:

Rick + Angela Martinez, Cinephiles
Joey Fauerso + Riley Robinson, Artists
Kristin + Clay Hefty, Architect and Contractor
Paul Sartory + Peggy Howe, Chef Entrepreneurs
Kristy Perez + Britt Lorraine, Artist and Choreographer
Nicolette Good + Jesse Basham, Musicians
Ken Little + Cathy Cunningham-Little, Artists